Testing :

  • We have complete testing facility for conducting all the routine test as per Indian and international standards.
  • Facility to test AC Transformers and inductors upto 2000 Amps at full load, 1-phase and 3-phase @ 50Hz.
  •  In house DC source upto 1000 Amps.
  • High frequency test facility to test 1-phase and 3-phase inductors upto 25 KHz and currents upto 75 Amps.
  •  VAW Meter for losses measurement of 1-phase & 3-phase transformer.
  •  YOKOGAWA POWER ANALYSER for measuring the losses, voltage ,current, harmonics, frequency, PF etc.
  •  Double Voltage Double Frequency for measurement of inter-turn insulation test. • TURNS RATIO METER for precise measurement of turns ratio between LV and HV.
  •  Micro ohm meter especially suitable for inductive components , for accurate temperature rise measurements and DC resistance measurements
  •  LCR meter for precise inductance measurements for inductors.
  •  High voltage tester upto 80KV AC and 10KV DC.


  • Transpower have always focused, in an uncompromised manner, on the quality that it delivers and such quality standards are achieved and maintained through world class and state of the art infrastructure and facilities.Our manufacturing facility at G.I.D.C,Makarpura includes inhouse facilities like :
  •  Microprocessor based automatic winding machines for precision winding of wires and strips.
  • Vertical winding machine for all sizes.
  •  Strip winding machines.
  •  In house facility for lamination strip cutting & punching.
  •  In house facility for transformers enclosures and frame parts.
  •  Vacuum pressure impregnation facility for total impregnation of transformers and inductors.
  • Vacuum pressure resin moulding facility of resin cast transformers and other potted components.


  • Design philosophy
  •  Confident to create challenging designs.
  • Design requirements
  • Product specification in Detail
  • Component value current spectrum and size constraints.
  • We convert either information into a product
  • Design criteria
  • Cost optimization on the basis of performance requirements. • Size Minimization (volume ,Foot print and mass).
  • High Efficiency during operation
  • Reduce audible noise
  • We convert either information into a product.
  • Develop components that meet safety requirements of various regulatory agencies.
  • Selection of core and winding material and type done on the basis of the above requirements.
  • Offer new design using new materials to meet the often conflicting demand of the applications.
  • Design tools
  • We have developed a special software for designing of transformer and inductors for optimized design and loss prediction .we have used our experience of over 30 years in developing the same.
  • We have in-house solid edge for3Dmodeling and simulation.
  • We outsource 2D/3D FEM analysis for accurate loss and temperature prediction.