Detuned Reactor Manufacturer in India

Detuned Reactor are used, in supply networks having a high level of harmonic distortion, when the final objective is reactive power compensation at the fundamental frequency. Their purpose is to avoid the harmonic currents overload to the capacitors by diverting them to the mains. Protection filters are made by connecting reactors in series with capacitors, in such a way that the tuning frequency of the whole unit is set at a value between the fundamental frequency and the frequency of the lowest present harmonics, which is usually the 5th order harmonic. In this the filter has a high inductive impedance for all the harmonic frequencies.

By using these types of detuned reactors it is possible to avoid the following negative effects on the system:

  • Over-current during switching on the capacitor banks
  • Incidental resonance of Capacitors along with stray inductance
  • Overload of capacitor banks due to the harmonic resonance
  • Short lifetime of capacitors
  • Unintended triggering of the protective devices
  • Distortion of utility voltage waveforms and problems on voltage sensitive devices
  • Overheating of the utility transmission cables.Overheating of the Distribution Transformer

Salient Features of  TRANSPOWER Reactors :

  • Specially Designed Bobbins for efficient Cooling
  • Multiple Conductors for better Heat dissipation
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated for better penetration
  • Multiple Air Gaps to avoid Flux Fringing
  • Mechanically Sturdy Design To Withstand Vibrations
  • Thermal Switch embedded To Withstand Vibrations
  • Thermal Switch embedded in winding for over temperature Protection
  • Low Noise


Type :

Detuned, Iron Core, Copper or Aluminum Wound

Range :

From 1 KVAR to 100 KVAR
Filter Factor 5.67 % , 7 % , 14 %

Application:- Power Factor correction Panels (In series with Capacitors)
Purpose:- To avoid resonance by connecting Capacitors
Range : From 1 KVAR to 100 KVAR
Percentage Impedance:- 5.67 % , 7 % , 14 %
Standard:- IS 5553 /  IEC 61558-2-20
Linearity:- 140-250%
Insulation Class:- F/H
Voltage:- 110-690V
Phase:- 3
Frequency:- 50/60Hz
Conductor Material:- Al/Cu(Foil & Conductor)
Lamination:- CRNGO/CRGO

Features of Transpower Reactor :

  • Perfect strength
  • Longer service life
  • High performance
  • High resistance to harmonics
  • Very low losses
  • Low noise

Benefits of Transpower Reactor :

  • Increase life of capacitors
  • Reduce harmonics in Electrical Systems
  • Avoid over heating of cables of Transformers
  • Avoid over current during switching of capacitor bank
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