Transpower offers a wide portfolio of special application transformers for both AC and DC voltages , A number of industry applications require specific application transformers due to the usage of power (current) as a major resource for production.With years of experience, many references from different applications and a global manufacturing footprint , Transpower has the experience needed to build the customer’s special application transformer.

These transformer types, as well as transformers with direct connection to a rectifier are called special-purpose or industrial transformers, whose design is tailor-made for high-current solutions for industry applications.Special transformers are used in special applications in the industry and in the grid. They are produced in small numbers and they generally have to deal with overcurrents, overvoltages and reactive loads under severe conditions. This requires each of the following transformers to be particularly addressed. A longer design and production process is required for special transformers than standard type power transformers.

Special transformers are regarded as the peak of transformer industry due to know-how, diligence and accuracy required by both design and production technology. By using only highest available quality of materials for the core and winding, a reduction of losses has been achieved. For the end-user this means that with lower losses, there is more energy to sell, which makes the payback time of the investment shorter. The lifetime of the transformer is also extended.

  • Source Transformer
  • Ac to Dc transformer
  • Transformer for Battery charger
  • High voltage Tester
  • We have in house design and fabrication facilities for the same.

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