Lightning Transformer


Lightning transformer are, just as the name implies, transformers that are specifically utilized to work with lighting. They are typically referred to as dimmer switches. By using the ability of a transformer to alter the voltage going through a circuit, a light can be made brighter or dimmer.

Transpower is one of the leading manufacturer of Lightning transformer.We customize transformers according to requirement of the client (eg : dimensions,voltages,termination,protection).We also have one of the most extensive offering of custom products with no minimum order requirements.We are stockist of standard ratings transformer which provides prompt delivery to customers.

The initial lighting transformer were primarily designed to make it possible to transform voltage down to levels that were appropriate for household lighting. As the technology developed, however, lighting transformers became more sophisticated and able to scale voltage back or turn it up to make lights dimmer or brighter.


Type : Lighting Transformer

Resin cast / Vpi

Winding Material : Aluminium or Copper

Conductor Types : Wires/Strips/Foil

Core : CRGO/CRNGO/Ferrite

Core Type : Strips/Mitered/Wound/EI,UI and other shapes


Configuration : Single phase / Three phase / zig-zag Or phase shifting for harmonic Mitigation

Power Ratings : upto 630 KVA

Voltages : upto 8 kv

Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz

Insulation Class : Up to H

IP 00 to IP 65

Enclosure Protection : As per request

Features :

  • Life of the lamps increases considerably resulting in the reduced inventory as well as maintenance cost
  • Maintenance free and easy-to-install
  • Our Energy Saving lighting transformer is free from all magnetic losses
  • Quick and cost effective installation for Energy Saving lighting transformer

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