Air Core Reactor


Transpower provides superior quality of Air core Reactor especially used to save power, energy and actively monitors to improve the power factors of residential, commercial and industrial and protect to prevent any damage. We fabricate these reactors using premium quality materials by implementing the well-developed technology, which meets the quality standards. These reactors are highly demanded in the market owning to their significant features such as easy installation, durable, power consumption and longer functional life.

Providing short time current for 2 seconds that is 16.66 times the rate current, the Aircore Reactors are made available to the clients in a variety of kinds such as dry type and oil natural cooled. The assortment of rectors is extensively used in diverse applications such as neutral end of capacitors, line end, harmonic suppression and in rush current restraining and fortuned applications.

Series reactors are series connected with a VAR compensating shunt capacitor bank. They are used to restrain harmonic voltages, reduce distortion of system voltage and limit in rush current when the capacitor circuit is put into network for operation.

Specification :

Type : Air core dry type
Winding Material : Aluminium or Copper
Conductor Types : Wires/Strips/Foil
Voltages : from 6.6kv to 33kv
Insulation Class : Up to H

  • Transpower is one of the leading manufacturer of Aircore and Iron core Reactor.
  • Transpower provides Reactor according to requirement of the client (eg : dimensions,voltages,termination,protection)

Features :

  • Efficient Power Generation
  • Optimum performance
  • Better functionality

Application :

  • Line End / Neutral end of capacitors
  • For harmonic suppression and inrush current limiting

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