Sine Wave Filter

Sine Wave Filter

Transpower is recognized as Sine Wave Filter reactor manufacturers in Vadodara , India. Sine Wave Filter is suitable for all VFD having PWM waveform with high frequency and voltage peak. It will not damage Motor, Cable and connected Load equipment. Tranpower has designed Sine Wave Filters transform the output of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to a near perfect sinusoidal waveform for the best level of motor protection with low residual ripple.

Sinewave Filter improves system performance by protecting the motor from the harmful effects of reflected waves and preventing motor failure caused due to insulation failure & overheating.



Type : Sinewave Filter

Input Voltage                    :380 V – 480 V / 500 V / 690 V

Motor Frequency            : 0-50 Hz (upto 200 Hz)

Switching Frequency   : 2 Khz t0 4 Khz

Winding Material          : Aluminium or Copper

Conductor Types            : Wires/Strips/Foil

Power Ratings                 : upto 1200 A

Insulation Class              : Up to  H

IP 00 to IP 65

Enclosure Protection   : As per request



 Features :

  • Increase motor life
  • Reduce motor audible noise
  • Protect your motor cable

 Applications :

  • Motor drive with long motor cable
  • Motor drive with multiple motors in parallel
  • HVAC applications


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